“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

~ Doug Conant

Our Performance Management System allows our clients to track what matters in an easy to navigate, cloud-based application. In this suite, managers can create a competency library, set and manage goals for employees, track employees’ progress through the use of manager and 360° evaluations, and offer feedback to employees. In addition, each employee is able to have an automated feedback schedule that will ensure evaluations and performance conversations are not overlooked.

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“Succession planning helps build the bench strength of an organization to ensure the long-term health, growth, and stability.”

~ Teala Wilson

Our Succession Planning application helps prepare organizations for the reality that good employees leave. With this application, an organization’s leadership is able to define talent needs, identify high-potential leaders, develop that talent, and track employee readiness when positions become available. With our succession planning tool, there is no doubt that you will have all the necessary information when the inevitable happens.

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“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”

~ Donna J. Abernathy

Our Learning Management System creates real opportunities to integrate online learning with succession planning. In addition to creating a rail system for e-content to be delivered, we help our clients assure compliance, manage succession, and build content libraries.

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“Shared services are the answer to heightening value and decreasing cost in today’s competitive markets.”

~ Kyle Kyzer

Courageous Leadership Business Solutions allow companies to keep costs under control while also receiving new levels of performance. When Courageous Leadership enters into an agreement with non-competing businesses, businesses are allowed to really focus on the parts of their business they do best. The services offered by Courageous Leadership can include recruiting, training, leadership initiatives, communications, specific business analytics, etc.

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“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.”

~ Shingeo Shingo

No business can afford to be wasteful. Whether companies are suffering from financial, performance, or material waste, our lean solutions will increase efficiencies and strengthen profits. When companies are able to achieve better results with less, they are free to invest in new business growth initiatives.

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“Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

~ John L. Beckley

Courageous Leadership can come alongside your organization’s leadership for a deep-dive into the business to identify the core issues you are facing and determine specific, relevant solutions. After the plan has been created, our staff will work with your organization to implement and optimize its effectiveness.

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“Good coaches provide a truly important service: they tell you the truth when no one else will.”

~ Jack Welch

Our coaching process begins with a two-day Personal Leadership Summit (PLS) in which individuals are given the time and space to reconnect to the core places of his/her identity. Afterwards, clients will meet regularly to achieve particular strategic goals, while also developing the skills necessary to deepen the impact of one’s actions.

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“One of the truest signs of strength is accepting one’s own weaknesses.”

~ Tadahiko Nagao

Through the use of personality and performance assessments, we will help you identify your inter-personal and intra-personal proficiencies in order to strengthen and build upon your leadership skills and practices.

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“Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.”

~ Junot Diaz

This mentoring tool allows groups of three to receive many of the benefits of a coaching relationship. This customizable tool will help develop leaders and achieve organizational goals.

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“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point.”

~ Henry Mintzberg

As the nonprofit sector continues to grow and diversify, leaders must effectively lead their organizations today but also step into tomorrow with a relevant and meaningful plan. Courageous Leadership prides itself on the partnerships we continue to have with churches, schools, camps, and other organizations committed to excellence. Whatever your organization’s mission is, we are confident that, with your participation and leadership, we will co-create a plan to heighten your organization’s impact now and into the future.

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“A focused Board concentrates on strategy oversight and governance practices to avoid getting lost in the forest.”

~ Pearl Zhu

Nonprofits fail to reach their full potential without boards that practice good governance. Too often, nonprofit boards get caught up in “managing the business” and become more burdensome than effective. However, when these teams come together in an efficient and meaningful way, they empower and support the leaders within the organization to achieve their full potential. Courageous Leadership is happy to provide an audit of your governance system, provide recommendations for change, and work with your team to ensure their service is meaningful and substantial.

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“Collaboration is effective when personal accomplishments awaken the minds and passions of others.”

~ Lamont Moon

Courageous Leadership believes leaders can only arrive at the best solutions with the help of others. Following this tenet, we are happy to provide the opportunity for nonprofit leaders to come alongside other nonprofit principals and explore areas that often hinder organizational and personal leadership success. This two-year commitment includes off-site gatherings with other participants, onsite consultations, and professional coaching. Wherever you serve, Courageous Leadership is committed to your organization’s success and development.

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