Defines criteria for board membership

Clarifies roles and responsibilities for board members

Implements effective systems and processes

High performance should be the goal of the governing bodies of all institutions and systems.

~ Rick Legon

Whether your organization is wildly successful, just getting started, or anywhere in between, good governance is a key part of your future success. For this reason, Courageous Leadership is committed to working with your board to define worthy qualifications for board membership and establishing effective governing processes.

We believe board members should be passionate about your organization’s cause, but board membership requires more than devotion to the mission. Good board members are committed to practicing organizational principals in their corporate and individual lives, dedicated to speaking as one voice, and committed to enhancing their abilities and knowledge for the sake of the organization. Just as a qualified staff is essential for success, board members have a long-term impact on the future of an organization.

Every board exists to benefit the mission of the organization. At different times in the life of an organization, board members may need to take on specific duties within the organization, but that should not be the main responsibility of board membership. Board meetings should be centered on making strategic decisions for the organization and ensuring the effectiveness of the organization’s staff. We will help your board identify what information and reports they need to do their job effectively and create processes that will ensure they are on track to pursue their mission at the highest levels.

Mere good governance is not enough; it has to be pro-people and pro-active.

~ Narendra Modi