Empowers nonprofit leaders for greater success

Works with boards to establish effective governance

Brings strategic value to your organization

In all affairs, it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.

~ Bertrand Russell

While it’s not unique to us, Courageous Leadership believes the best things in life are done together. We developed Lead[R]evolution when we recognized many nonprofit leaders struggle to lead in such a way that brings about the most impact for their cause. Whether the nonprofit leader worked their way up through the organization, was a successful business leader in their past, or has any other background, nonprofits can be difficult for anyone to lead. We do not believe we have the answer to every problem, but we are convinced that meaningful development and progress for each leader happens best in the context of others.

This two-year commitment consists of off-site gatherings with a cohort of other nonprofit leaders, on-site consultations with the board of directors and/or staff, and regular one-on-one coaching sessions with the participant. Among other things, this process will incorporate initiatives in the following areas: vision casting, change management, governance, talent management, strategic planning and implementation, and measuring success. While there is a basic roadmap which we adhere to for this program, we use the coaching process and consultations to address the issues most pressing to each nonprofit and leader. At the end of this process, we are confident your organization will have greater efficiencies, heightened impact, and a clear strategic plan for your future.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

~ Helen Keller