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  • The Johari Window

    When we engage clients in a coaching relationship, one of our goals is to help them better understand how they relate to the world around them.  Whether we are talking about work, home, or any other arena of their life, there are always things an individual believes to be true about themselves and things others […]

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  • Pollution Downstream

    There’s an old folktale about a village located on a river.  One day, a baby came floating down the river and villagers rushed to save the baby from drowning.  The next day two, the next three, and so on.  Every day the villagers anticipated the problem and rushed to save the babies from the water.  […]

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  • Transactional Analysis

    One of the most interesting dynamics to study within our client organizations is the communication norms that have developed among teams.  One of the tools we use to understand how teams work is based off of Dr. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis model.  This model suggests anytime two individuals engage one another, each person will take […]

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  • Today’s Question: Where am I?

    While I’m not exactly sure of its origin, you’re probably familiar with the idea, “The hardest sell you’ll ever make is the sell to yourself.” Unfortunately, this statement holds more truth than most of us would like, and the reason for it is that we are terrible salesmen. When you bought your last used car, […]

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