Create a customized learning system

Integrate learning initiatives with team excellence

Align employee practices with strategic business outcomes

Create a mentoring process to foster workforce readiness

Unlike many development programs, PRAXIS allowed our teams to make real progress in the areas of communication, employee engagement, and succession initiatives.”

~ Bruce Los, VP of Human Resources, Gentex Corporation

Leadership happens at all levels of every organization. Every leader is not an executive; in fact, most leaders are neither a supervisor nor a manager. Those who help teams think more clearly or more deeply exhibit the leadership qualities organizations rely on. Those who advocate for doing the next right thing create the culture organizations benefit from. By inspiring others, employees at all levels of an organization can lead their associates and their supervisors. PRAXIS takes Courageous Leadership’s primary methodologies, simplifies them, and provides an engaging framework to make them accessible to associates throughout an organization.

On a weekly basis, participants will have materials to review, theories to consider, and questions to contemplate as they contextualize the learning to their life. In addition to the readings and questions provided each week, the curriculum alternates between engaging videos and real-time conversations with a triad that consists of two other PRAXIS participants. These triads are an essential component to the success of PRAXIS as it is the practices of individuals—not simply knowledge or insight—that truly transforms an organization.

One benefit of this program is that it can be dispersed through your organization as-is or organizational leaders can add to the already carefully crafted lessons. Through the creation of new videos or content, this program can be branded to your organization to create a customized experience. We will work closely with the leadership of your organization throughout the production process and deliver a product that is contextualized to your organization’s objectives and authentic to your brand.

PRAXIS helped our team begin basic conversations we'd never had before. These conversations allowed us to address many of the real-time problems we were all experiencing in our work place.”

~ Max Hunsicker, Director, National Heritage Academies

PRAXIS was the first development program I've experienced that did more than teach communication tools. The materials and triads created space for me to objectively consider my needed areas of growth and create an action plan.”

~ Todd Gummersbach, President, Uniform Color