Our Assessments Help You:

Define What's True

Identify what needs work

Validate progress

The first step in meaningful change is acknowledging reality.

~ Lamont Moon

Courageous Leadership engages a wide variety of assessments to gain insight into a leader’s needs and proficiencies. Whether we are seeking to understand a leader’s tendencies, strengths, or opportunities for growth, assessments are a good resource for many initiatives.

Because assessments are used as a tool for broader leader development, our starting point is to work with a leader to define the “ideal state” for their performance. Courageous Leadership adheres to the idea that without a standard, there is no problem, so the definition of what’s reasonable within an individual’s performance is a necessary step in properly applying information gathered through assessments.

Once we’ve determined what kinds of assessments could prove valuable to the leader, we may use a standard assessment or one developed by Courageous Leadership. This flexibility allows us to ensure our clients get the information most valuable to their development.

This first assessments will help to provide a baseline understanding of what traits within the leader can be optimized, what can be improved, and what needs to be clarified. From this, we will determine how to best strengthen the leader’s performance to enhance personal and professional practices.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

~ Peter Drucker