Four Avenues for Success

Courageous Leadership recognizes the importance of comprehensive, strategic solutions for organizations who are serious about deep change and profound success. For this reason, we have developed our Four Avenues for Success methodology:





Pursuing excellence in any one of these areas is of great benefit to an organization, but it is only when the strategy is met with essential talent, continuous development, and a committed workforce that the best things can be achieved. For this reason, Courageous Leadership is partnered with industry leaders in recruitment, development, and branding to provide complete solutions for our clients.

- Truth -

Before engaging the other T’s of Talent, Training, and Tell, our first engagements with clients address Truth. One unique trait of Courageous Leadership’s approach to organizational consulting is we first work with leadership to understand and define the “ideal state” of the organization before auditing the current state of the business. We cannot adequately understand data around the present situation without interpreting it into the greater picture of what the organization is committed to being for the future.

Once we have a sufficient understanding of the “ideal state,” we can begin to define what metrics need to be used in an audit of current performance and marketplace position. While this list is not exhaustive, we may measure: financial performance, process times, development initiatives, customer satisfaction, etc. Because we are interested in both what a company is doing and what the results are, our measurements always include a good ratio of lead indicators to lag indicators. We use lead indicators to measure inputs (i.e. hours spent on employee development) and lag indicators to measure outputs (i.e. profitability and employee satisfaction). Because lead indicators are predictive, they are not 100% defining of the future, so we use lag indicators to validate our clients are achieving the results they need.

- Talent -

After we understand the preferred future, the current state, and have co-created an action plan with our client, Courageous Leadership engages our second Avenue for Success: Talent. Because our action plan is system wide, it’s essential our clients have people with both the necessary competencies and commitment throughout the organization. Our first step is to provide an analysis of talent within the organization and make recommendations for current and future needs. Courageous Leadership will assist our clients in both the acquisition and the onboarding of needed talent. Recognizing business realities and needs are regularly changing, Courageous Leadership, along with our partners, is committed to resourcing our clients with the top talent available to achieve strategic objectives. Because customer demands continue to be on the rise, it’s critical that companies take steps to ensure today’s workforce is capable of meeting future demands.

- Training -

As we work to ensure the organization has the right people in the right positions, we begin building our third Avenue for Success: Training. Because the most valuable asset of organizations is their employees’ actions, Courageous Leadership is committed to providing assistance in developing relevant training initiatives for all of our clients. To this end, our Associates have a wide range of experiential expertise which includes: lean manufacturing, nonprofit leadership, working with multinational corporations at all levels, entrepreneurial/small business development, education, etc. We also work with organizational leadership to develop standardized processes that will lessen the burden of development programs on HR and managers while also heightening the effectiveness of these initiatives. Through our Talent Management System, we can provide an e-platform that will assign, track, and supply necessary training to individual employees based on job code, business function, managing supervisor, etc. Among other features, this software can also track and alert employees around certifications, manage and standardize employee evaluations and development initiatives, provide a platform for e-learning, assist with succession planning, etc.

- Tell -

Recognizing employees are only engaged in a development initiative so far as they understand its value, our fourth Avenue for Success, Tell, seeks to address that very issue. Whether there is a new culture initiative seeking to address employee engagement, an HR program for employee wellness, or any other project relevant to business success, the most successful companies always know how to communicate information to their employees in effective ways. To satisfy this need, Courageous Leadership engages top talent in marketing, photography, filmography, and graphic design to provide our clients with complete solutions for their communications needs. The best ideas can fail without proper messaging, so we work with our clients to ensure our comprehensive solution engages and inspires their workforce in meaningful ways.

Our Solutions

Business Leadership


Strategic Planning

Courageous Leadership can come alongside your organization’s leadership for a deep-dive into the business to identify the core issues you are facing and determine specific, relevant solutions. After the plan has been created, our staff will work with your organization to implement and optimize its effectiveness.
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Talent Management System


Performance Management

Our Performance Management System allows our clients to track what matters in an easy to navigate, cloud-based application. In this suite, managers can create a competency library, set and manage goals for employees, track employees’ progress through the use of manager and 360° evaluations, and offer feedback to employees. In addition, each employee is able to have an automated feedback schedule that will ensure evaluations and performance conversations are not overlooked.
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Succession Planning

Our Succession Planning application helps prepare organizations for the reality that good employees leave. With this application, an organization’s leadership is able to define talent needs, identify high-potential leaders, develop that talent, and track employee readiness when positions become available. With our succession planning tool, there is no doubt that you will have all the necessary information when the inevitable happens.
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Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System creates real opportunities to integrate online learning with succession planning. In addition to creating a rail system for e-content to be delivered, we help our clients assure compliance, manage succession, and build content libraries.
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Leader Development


Immersion Coaching

Our coaching process begins with a two-day Personal Leadership Summit (PLS) in which individuals are given the time and space to reconnect to the core places of his/her identity. Afterwards, clients will meet regularly to achieve particular strategic goals, while also developing the skills necessary to deepen the impact of one’s actions.
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Through the use of personality and performance assessments, we will help you identify your inter-personal and intra-personal proficiencies in order to strengthen and build upon your leadership skills and practices.
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This mentoring tool allows groups of three to receive many of the benefits of a coaching relationship. This customizable tool will help develop leaders and achieve organizational goals.
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