Succession Planning

Our Succession Planning Application:

Identifies high potential employees

Tracks employee readiness

Prepares organizations for the future

Showing up to the gym is a critical step for getting your exercise done, just as HiPos are critical to your organization's succession planning.

~ Julie Harrison

As businesses prepare for tomorrow’s needs, adequate leaders are a necessity, not a luxury. Courageous Leadership is committed to your organization’s future success, so our Succession Planning tool helps you understand how to prepare for the inevitable fact that competent leaders are needed in your business. The question you must consider is whether you have the right employees in your workforce to fill those key positions.

Our Succession Planning tool is part of our larger Talent Management System. Simply knowing who your high potential employees are is never enough. The beginning point of succession planning is defining what qualifies an individual for organizational leadership. Once you’ve identified the key skill set for a particular position, you can search your entire workforce for Associates with those characteristics. After candidates are identified, you can create custom development plans to heighten their abilities and further prepare them for your business’s future needs. When it comes to succession planning, insight into today’s workforce and adequate preparation could be the difference between complete chaos and a smooth transition.

You can’t do tomorrow’s job with yesterday’s talent.

~ Kyle Kyzer