We help businesses by:

Establishing your brand definition for team members

Providing data to stay competitive

Managing online recruiting

Screening applications

Conducting the initial interview

Automating processes

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

~ Jim Collins

To be successful at "sustaining a reliable workforce," businesses need a solution for attracting the right people, a simple application process, and quick engagement of applicants, all while causing as little disturbance for their store leaders as possible. We initially designed and launched our recruiting service for Chick-fil-A in 2020 and expanded this service to other businesses in 2022.

We spend the necessary time to evaluate your current recruiting system for wage competitiveness, missed opportunities, opportunities for efficiencies, the ideal candidates for your business, etc.

We provide a quarterly wage analysis to ensure you stay competitive.

We respond to applicants within one business day (often same-day) to ensure the right applicants don’t get away.

We screen candidates’ resumes and social media to ensure they are the right fit for your team.

We handle the initial phone or video interview, so only the best candidates are passed on to you.

We help you implement scheduling tools when possible to streamline in-person interviews.

Your recruiter is a strategic business partner—essential for your business’s success."

~ Kyle Kyzer