Immersion Coaching

We help our clients:

Clarify core life & leadership qualities

Achieve more with and through others

Define the essentials for your best future

Heighten performance through lasting change

Lamont and his team brought to light strategic issues that needed resolution and helped coach us as a team through the issues and on to solutions.

~ Drew Jelgerhuis, Director, Extol Inc.

American companies spend upwards of $160 billion each year on employee education and training. Despite this investment, only 25% of senior managers believe their learning and development proved essential for business outcomes. The dominant reason for this lack of conversion is the method for these initiatives often emphasizes a model where select employees are pulled out of their working environment and are taught leadership “tools” in a training facility. When these employees are put back into their work environments, without any real support, they often give up on making the strategic improvements their training was advocating for. Conversely, leaders who engage coaching initiatives benefit from a development plan designed with their particular needs in mind, receive ongoing support and encouragement as they begin to put theory into practice, and are able to adapt their plan to address their immediate challenges.

Immersion Coaching focuses on making the things that strategically matter work. We accomplish this by working through our model of “People, Process, Product.” With the client in mind, we determine what the desired outcomes are. Once these are defined, we are able to look at all areas of the leader’s life to come to an understanding of what actions need to be taken to bring about the desired results. While many companies believe their most valuable resource is their employees, we believe the most valuable resource a company has is their employee’s actions, and that is what Immersion Coaching seeks to address.

The Immersion Coaching process consists of regular contact points with the leader throughout the year, the first one being a Personal Leadership Summit (PLS) that lasts 2 days. The goal of a PLS is to understand where one has been, where they are, and where they are going. Following the PLS, the coaching process is broken into quarters. The first quarter of coaching will focus on using stakeholders to help us see and do what is worth acting on. The goal for the second quarter is to create an action plan that will address the large concerns from all areas of the leader’s life: spiritual, self, love, social, and work. The last half of the year is tailored around what is necessary for effective execution of the action plan.

Immersion Coaching helped my executive team understand their true potential and what they needed to do in order to achieve it.

~ Bill Fluharty, Vice President, Johnson Controls

Good coaches provide a truly important service: they tell you the truth when no one else will.”

~ Jack Welch