Leadership 365

We help our leaders:

Understand who they are as leaders

Identify personal and organizational potential

Innovate real solutions for success

Achieve more through others

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

~ John F. Kennedy

Like never before, organizations need solutions that work. With the overwhelming presence of leadership programs, books, and seminars, it’s often difficult to determine what solution is best for your organization’s leaders and high potential associates. Leadership 365 bridges the gap between classic training and workplace relevancy by incorporating training, benchmarking experiences, coaching, and professional networking into a complete development program.

Each month, participants from a variety of regional businesses will gather for networking, education, and discussion around topics such as leadership fundamentals, the mastery areas of every leader, change management, design thinking, etc. The Leadership 365 program also includes monthly Personal Mastery Coaching sessions where leaders identify strategic and operational goals while developing the needed skills to be successful. Once a quarter, participants are able to meet on-site at local companies visits where individuals can experience and benchmark distinct leadership, operations, and innovation methodologies.

The Leadership 365 program is designed to strengthen leaders’ abilities and practices for business growth. Whatever your organization needs, Leadership 365 leverages your best people to accelerate your strategic outcomes.

Failing organizations are usually over-managed and underled.”

~ Warren Bennis