Chick-fil-A Cadre

We help Chick-fil-A Operators:

Find the right talent

Strategically meet customer demand

Develop the necessary leadership behaviors

Grow their brand

Achieve their financial goals

Each person’s destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice. It’s determined by what we say, what we do, and whom we trust.”

~ S. Truett Cathy
Our Cadre Partnership was created alongside Chick-fil-A operators to address the gaps they experience in running their businesses. From the people they hire to the process of strategic planning and leader development, our systemic approach provides value for all levels of the organization. Our Cadre Partnership includes:

Recruiting: applicant tracking system with i9/payroll integration, applicant screening, and marketing services

Coaching: both the operator and store leader will engage in one-on-one coaching to ensure the strategic business goals are accomplished

Strategic Planning: we will work with your leadership team to develop a calendar for strategic planning and execution

Leadership Training

Leading the Business: We will work with your most senior leader and develop a monthly playbook to deliver the necessary results of your annual strategic plan.

Leadership 365: Your middle-senior level leaders will benefit from in-depth training sessions around the 5 Critical Success Factors and Leadership Fundamentals.

Convene: Your mid/senior leaders will participate in monthly training sessions around practical leadership skills, problem-solving, familiarity with the 5 critical success factors, and benchmarking of other stores.

Leadership Learning Labs: These sessions are offered to each market on an as-needed basis and are open to all team member levels. A Courageous representative will lead workshops on practical topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, building a team, etc.

Praxis e-Learning: This Learning Management System (LMS) allows our partners to simplify the navigation of orientation coursework, Winning Hearts Everyday, and SERVE curriculum. Additionally, Courageous is able to produce custom content for the LMS, providing operators another opportunity for development of their team members.

The one thing I take more joy in than anything else in the world is seeing young people develop.”

~ S. Truett Cathy